Our team consists of professionals who excel in various athletic disciplines.

Personal guidance, fun sports and injury prevention training is what our lessons are all about.

  • Alessandra

    "I aim for people to leave class feeling balanced and hopefully, more at ease and peace in their minds and bodies."

  • Alesandro

    "Every lesson is different, every lesson you learn something new.  I make sure that all my students receive the same amount of attention."

  • Bengt

    "I come up with performance enhancing workouts for specific sports, taking into account the joints, muscles, and physique of the athletes."

  • Camilla
    Camilla Bundel

    "My background in dance and yoga makes my classes unique.  I bring discipline and movement precision from dancing into my lessons combined with yoga where breathing is very important and make you self-aware within your own body."

  • Chris
    Chris Hettinga

    "My mission is to make people feel better, not only physically, but also mentally."

  • Denise
    Denise Chardet

    "My focus is on the technique and looking after the quality of the weightlifting movements."

  • Dimangio

    "I can turn anyone into a fighter. With my experience as a fighter and as a trainer, I have a lot to offer in the field of martial arts."

  • Ivana
    Ivana Zakova

    "My classes are very playful with focus on both the physical aspect such as strength, flexibility and mobility as well as the mental aspect such as creativity, self-expression and improvisation."

  • Jorryt

    "Train in a safe and professional way on realistic goals while you learn to trust your own body."

  • Lainel

    "My goal is to get the most out of a person and when I see that happen, it gives me energy as well!"

  • Laura

    "I always try to put as much energy and challenges into my lessons as possible so that everyone is actually in class with a goal and can walk out satisfied."

  • Malic
    Malic Groenberg

    "After my training you can expect to be physically exhausted and live with extra knowledge!"

  • Marvin
    Marvin Nimmermeer

    "My vision while teaching  is to always bring out people's best and strengths. I am really present in the lessons."

  • Matthijs
    Malic Groenberg

    "I make sure everyone feels seen, that everyone is equal, despite the differences in level. I like to highlight the positive and I would like to make someone better and to make them aware of their body."

  • Michaela

    The most important is that you should be passionate about it.

  • Mitchell
    Mitchell Lammers

    "I combine spectacular kicks with boxing and clinching (holding the other boxer). A lot of thinking is put in the sequences of the combinations which come from all sides."

  • Nienke en Nelleke

  • Noach

    "My mission is to make you sweat, but also give you the experience of learning something."

  • Randy

    "My way of teaching capoeira with the main goal of helping each individual develop and reach a higher level. All of this is done taking in count the student's abilities."

  • Renee
    Renee Leeuw

    "I provide powerful and creative flows, in which I challenge my students to step out of their comfort zone and look for boundaries, but they should not go beyond those boundaries."

  • Romy
    Foto van Romy het Gymlokaal

    "With a lot of energy and enthusiasm I try to teach people how to train in a safe way."

  • Sebastiaan

    "During my lesson you are challenged to get the most out of yourself while always respecting your own personal limits. I believe in customization, and you will experience that even if you train in a group."

  • Sim
    Sim Sidhu

    "My main specialty is awareness of the body, in both motion and relaxation."

  • Tash

    My classes create a safe and inviting space for play, to find curiosity in your body and movement practice and to start moving with autonomy and trust in what is possible.

  • Tina
    Tina Rumenovic

    "I can teach people how to develop discipline and create strength, but also how to soften up if that is what I think you need in order to grow."

  • Xaverio

    "I am mainly there to change people's mindset and to show that there is often more in you than you initially think."

  • Yessica
    Yessica Gymlokaal

    "Expect peace, movement, challenge, lots of breaths, a healthy dose of humor and the important combination of movement and standing still."

  • Yoram
    Yoram Bemer

    "Everyone learns in a different way, it is rewarding to look for different ways to explain techniques when it is not yet assimilated."