What do you like most about teaching at Het Gymlokaal? 

The freedom you have to arrange the content of your classes as you please so that to you can surprise the members each and every time. For example one day give conditioning training rounds and another day give a long workout focusing on powerful movements.

What is your background?

I followed the HBO cursus in Sports Science and  I gained additional knowledge through extra courses, training in different athletic disciplines and by teaching in various establishments.

What is unique about your lessons / way of teaching?

My signature style is that you will get to do a lot . My approach is to fill the entire board and teach everyone as much as possible in the 45 minutes of time that we have. You can find out how much energy i put in based on how much I can fit in one lesson.

What is your specialty in the field of movement?

I am a huge fan of the hinge movements (moving from your hips), romanian deadlifts, kettlebell swings and fun combinations with kettlebells such as cleans, overhead lunges, snatches and all movements where the kettlebell flies in all directions.

What quality should every good trainer possess?

I think it is important that a trainer is very aware. Aware regarding where people’s limitations are, what they can work on, or which variant of an exercise they can do in order to improve their technique.

In addition, I think it is important that you as a trainer can make people believe in themselves and in the fact that they have more power than they initially believed

What can people expect from you as a trainer and from your lessons?

I always try to put as much energy and challenges (challenges into my lessons) as possible so that everyone is actually in class with a goal and can walk out satisfied.

What can you offer / teach people?

Adding finishing touches to movements making their execution easier.

Gaining better control of the technique and therefore  finding more pleasure from certain workouts because they will notice that they are making progress.