Explore a Wide Range of Group Classes at Het Gymlokaal.

At Het Gymlokaal, you have access to a diverse range of group classes designed to meet various needs and interests. Whether you enjoy (kick)boxing, yoga, crosstraining, weightlifting, barre, pilates, gymnastics, mobility, or outdoor crosstraining, we have the perfect class for you. Additionally, we offer the opportunity for self-guided workouts in our well-equipped fitness spaces and the option to benefit from personal training.

Choose from our diverse group classes and discover which activities align best with your preferences. Whether you want to improve your strength, flexibility, endurance, or overall fitness, we have the right training for you. Take a look at our scheduleand find the class that inspires you.

  • Barre
    Barre Amsterdam Barre Amsterdam

    Barre is a ballet-based workout that integrates elements of yoga, pilates and strength training.

  • Crosstraining and Weightlifting
    Crosstraining Crosstraining

    Our Crosstraining classes are fun but killer workouts with different elements from weight training, gymnastics (skills) training and athletic training.

  • Fitness
    Fitness Amsterdam Fitness Amsterdam

    You always have the possibility to come train freely during our opening hours.

  • Gymnastics
    Gymnastics amsterdam west Gymnastics amsterdam noord

    Develop strength and mobility and gain new physical skills on the floor, rings or bars.

  • HIIT
    HIIT Amsterdam HIIT Amsterdam

    The HIIT class is a challenging class with a high intensity. The class is high-paced and consists of intense periods of training with relative short breaks in-between exercises.

  • (Kick)boxing
    Kickboxing Kickboxing

    Het Gymlokaal offers kickboxing and boxing classes. We have two kinds of classes: (Kick)boxing Heavy bag and (Kick)boxing technique training.

  • Mobility
    Mobility/ Movement Mobility

    During the Mobility classes you will train on your strength, flexibility, coordination and responsiveness in dynamic situations.

  • Pilates
    Pilates Amsterdam Pilates Amsterdam

    Develop strength, flexibility, and body awareness through controlled repetitions of movements during our Pilates classes.

  • Personal Training
    Personal Training Personal Training

    Are you looking for more personalized attention during your training outside of group classes?

  • Yoga
    yogalessen amsterdam west yogalessen amsterdam

    We offer daily yoga classes in our beautiful gyms, in West and North, where you can escape the daily buzzing lifes. Below you can find the different styles of yoga that we offer.