At Het Gymlokaal, we offer kickboxing classes in the form of bag training and technique training. Our classes are designed to provide the perfect balance between an intensive workout and a focus on technique.

(Kick)boxing - Bag Training

Our (Kick)boxing - Bag Training classes, focus on punches and kicks on the punching bag to develop explosive power and endurance. Strengthen your muscles, build stamina, and feel empowered in every session. Our bag training is designed to accommodate individuals of all fitness levels, ensuring inclusivity and personalized attention for everyone. Led by experienced kickboxing athletes, our skilled trainers will guide you throughout the session, providing expert tips and motivation. Whether you’re a seasoned kickboxer or just starting, they will support you in maximizing your potential and achieving your goals. Each workout is carefully crafted to be both accessible and challenging, tailored to suit individual abilities.

Boxing - Endurance

Our boxing endurance class focuses on improving the cardiovascular aspect of the sport. The main goal of this class is to enhance your stamina and muscular endurance in a playful manner. Our trainers will guide you through 60 minutes of conditioning exercises inspired by boxers who aim to last 12 rounds. We incorporate various exercises to keep you motivated and ensure a fun and engaging experience. Expect bodyweight exercises, bag work, and boxing-specific drills. Our trainers will push you to your limits, providing you with the energy to surpass your personal boundaries. Regardless of your skill level, this class is accessible to anyone looking to improve their endurance and enjoy boxing.

Kickboxing - Kick Focus

It’s time to elevate your kicking techniques! Our kickboxing class with a focus on kicks (and knee strikes) is the perfect choice if you want to enhance your technique. During this class, we primarily work in pairs on the punching bags or we work with kicking shields. Our experienced trainers will guide you through technical combinations and kick drills, with special attention given to kick techniques. You will delve deeper into the technical aspects compared to a regular kickboxing class. We begin the session with a thorough warm-up, paying extra attention to warming up the ankles, knees, and hips. This class is suitable for both beginners and advanced kickboxers looking to refine their kicking skills. Join us and feel the power of your kicks grow!

(Kick)boxing - Pads and Technique

Are you ready to elevate your technical skills? Our (kick)boxing - pads & technique training class is ideal for improving your technique while working on your overall fitness. This class places a strong emphasis on technique training and incorporates pad work in pairs. We always start with an individual warm-up of approximately 10 minutes to prepare your muscles. Then, you will engage in partner drills and pad work to refine your technique. Our trainers ensure that there are enough pads available for all pairs, and they actively participate in the pad training, allowing you to practice combinations effectively. Regardless of your experience level, this class welcomes everyone who wants to enhance their technique and enjoy training with a partner. At the end of the class, we have 10 minutes for optional sparring rounds.  Safety is our top priority, and we ensure that sparring is done in a responsible and controlled manner. If your prefer not to join the sparring part, our trainers will provide alternative exercises.

Kickboxing - Basic Bag Training

If you have no prior experience in (kick)boxing, we recommend starting with our kickboxing basic bag training. In this session, the basic punches and kicks of (kick)boxing will be explained, allowing you to become familiar with essential techniques before participating in bag training sessions.

For novice (kick)boxers, we advise taking 10 (Basic) bag training sessions before joining the other classes. This allows you to establish a solid foundation, build strength and endurance, and gain confidence in mastering the techniques.

Check our schedule for class availability and sign up for a challenging and technically advanced kickboxing experience at Het Gymlokaal! Our coaches will provide personal guidance and ensure you get the most out of each training session.

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