Het Gymlokaal offers kickboxing and boxing classes. We have two kinds of classes: (Kick)boxing Heavy bag and (Kick)boxing technique training. 

(Kick)boxing Heavy bag

Our heavy bag sessions are an intense workout for all levels and all (adult) ages. You will learn and practice (kick)boxing techniques on the heavy bag. Next to improving your technique, these classes are great to improve endurance and become fit in general. 

(Kick)boxing Technique training

With the (kick)boxing technique training, you will work in pairs to practice combinations and to practice the sports of kickboxing. These classes are more interactive and very important to become better at the sport. In case you’re new to the sport, please join ten Heavy bag sessions before coming to the technique training. In case you are coming to the kickboxing technique training, shin protectors are mandatory and if you want to join sparring sessions a mouth protection is mandatory as well. 

We have many (kick)boxing classes on the schedule,check it out and come join!

Kickboxing Kickboxing