We offer daily yoga classes in our beautiful gym where you can escape the daily buzzing lives. Below you can find the different styles of yoga that we offer.

Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a powerful and dynamic form of yoga whom its practice will strengthen and energize your body while clearing your mind. Its practice consists of repeating series of postures and movements while breathing synchronously.

Yin Yang yoga

Yin Yang yoga balances the slow-paced Yin yoga with the more dynamic and traditional Yang yoga. During Yin yoga the focus is on relaxing your muscles. This will result in the stimulation of the connective tissue located in the deep layers of your body. Yin yoga poses are held between three to five minutes.  Yang yoga is a more active practise focussing on strenght, muscles, blood flow and flexibility. Combing the two together improves your energy while also focussing on relaxation and healing. 

Pregnancy yoga

During pregnancy, your body is changing a lot and pregnancy yoga helps you to cope with the changes that you experience physically, emotionally and mentally. Through gentle movements and a variety of breathing techniques, this class helps you prepare for labour and the period after birth. 

In this class, you learn more about the changes in your physical body and the importance of a healthy posture to stay physically fit during and after pregnancy. We focus on relaxing and energising the body through mindful movement. Expect to learn practical exercises, especially for the pelvic floor, that you can take away and apply in daily life as well as specific breathing techniques that are helpful when it’s time to give birth. Most importantly, this class reminds you to connect with this beautiful process of growth and to embrace the change. 

For whom? From -/+14 weeks and onwards. No yoga experience required. 

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