Barre is a ballet-based workout that integrates elements of yoga, pilates and strength training. Expect an intense workout while enjoying moving along with music. The class begins with a warm up combining pilates and yoga exercises, followed by barre work which is based on ballet techniques and ends with a cool-down by performing deep stretches. Simple instructions are given all along in order to allow everyone to take full advantage of the class.

Barre is a full body workout which aims at improving your ballet technique. By practicing barre you will improve your posture, your body awareness  and your body control which will bring you to gain muscle, improve your flexibility and balance.

Barre is for everyone for the young and the old as well as for men and women.

It is for anyone who wants to invest in his or her own body. Doing Barre has many positive effects, it benefits you in your everyday life but it also contribute to your progression in other sport disciplines such as kickboxing and yoga.

Barre Amsterdam Barre Amsterdam