What do you like most about teaching at Het Gymlokaal?

The male / female ratio is nicely balanced and the members usually sign up for different sports. For example, i hear a lot in my lessons that they want to empower their cross raining with yoga by paying extra attention to shoulder mobility.

What is your background?

Hatha Yoga at Santosha in Bali. Additional modules in anatomy, Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra and I am constantly learning new things by following experts online.

What is unique about your lessons / way of teaching?

I do not teach a traditional yoga class; I look into other movement disciplines and incorporate that knowledge into my yoga classes. In addition, I look into the lifestyle of my students (which is usually a sedentary office life) and based on that I guide my students through movements that bring them more in balance (both physically and mentally).

What is your specialty in the field of movement?

Vinyasa Yoga: a creative flow in which you work on strength and flexibility.

What quality should every good trainer possess?

A good trainer motivates, inspires and challenges her students, both mentally and physically, to seek boundaries with a main goal: self-development. Ultimately, you want your students to become so self-aware that they only need minimal guidance; they do the work themselves and they are ultimately their own trainer.

What can people expect from you as a trainer and from your lessons?

I provide powerful and creative flows, in which I challenge my students to step out of their comfort zone and look for boundaries, but they should not go beyond those boundaries. I therefore motivate students to listen to their own body and I always give different options, so that my lessons are accessible to everyone.

What can you offer / teach people?

Yoga actually offers everything; both Physical and Mental relaxation or exertion. I help people find a moment of rest, come into contact with breathing and I show them how their breathing can support a movement. In doing so, I help them build strength, play with balance and increase their mobility and flexibility.

Renee Leeuw Renee Leeuw