What do you like most about teaching at Het Gymlokaal?

What I like about Het Gymlokaal is the free, relaxed and creative atmosphere that hangs there. On top of that the team is great.

What is your background?

I received a Bachelor in Dancing at the dance academy and I work as a dancer at various venues. I have also  followed a training as a yoga teacher which allows me to give yoga classes. I find myself continuously immersed in Yoga and meditation.

What is unique about your lessons / way of teaching?

My background in dance and yoga makes my classes unique.  I bring discipline and movement precision from dancing into my lessons combined with yoga where breathing is very important and make you self-aware within your own body.

What quality should every good trainer possess?

Patience and enthusiasm.

What is your specialty in the field of movement?

Movement flow and working with your own body weight.

What can people expect from you as a trainer and from your lessons?

Lots of enthusiasm and a class where you don’t have to take yourself too seriously

What can you offer / teach people?

A good posture and good body alignment in your movements.

Camilla Bundel Camilla Bundel