What do you like most about teaching at Het Gymlokaal?

The best thing about Het Gymlokaal is the energetic team and of course the members, in particular my students who follow the lessons with enthusiasm.

What is your background?

I started Taekwondo at the age of 5 in Suriname, where I participated in more than 100 competitions, which in the end brought me to the Youth Olympics in 2014.

I then moved to the Netherlands, where my interest in kickboxing began. I gave Badr Hari private lessons for a fight in 2018. I also won a few kickboxing matches myself and notably I was voted  Best Fighter of the Night in 2018 at well-known Peter Aerts Gala.

What is unique about your lessons / way of teaching?

Every lesson is different, every lesson you learn something new.  I make sure that all my students receive the same amount of attention.

What quality should every good trainer possess?

Patience and passion for what he / she immerses himself in.

What is your specialty in the field of movement?

My fighting style, especially my kicks. These are known to my students as the ninja kicks.

What can people expect from you as a trainer and from your lessons?

Besides having a good time, I always make sure that you learn something new in and out your comfort zone.

What can you offer / teach people?

An interesting lesson, with a trainer who teaches with love and passion.



Alesandro Alesandro