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Everything you need to know about Animal Flow
Everything you need to know about Animal Flow
Everything you need to know about Animal Flow

Everything you need to know about Animal Flow

08.11.2016 | Trainers | Chris Hettinga is trainer at Het Gymlokaal. He has always been very active in the fields of sports: “When I grew up the mentality we had at home was to practice a minimum of three sports.” His background consists of martial arts, fitness, yoga, movement and mobility. Chris, along other trainers at Het Gymlokaal, integrates Animal Flow in his trainings. But what is Animal flow? We had an interview with him about this relatively new phenomena.

Why Animal Flow?
“I implemented animal flow movements within my training because it is an excellent warm-up for all of your muscles in your body. Fluid movements are executed and controlled by having all limbs on the floor. It is a combination of several bodyweight-training disciplines.”
What benefits does Animal Flow have?
“Animal Flow is not only fun to do, but it also benefits one’s endurance, strength and mobility. Each Animal Flow practice will improve and develop certain muscle groups that would not be used during any other training. It enhances the use of all muscles, granting a full body exercise.”
Could you describe what Animal Flow is?
“It’s already in the name; Animal flow is composed of several animal movements that are repeated and fluidly transitioned, thus creating a flow. It may seem easy, but most people actually don’t know how to crawl properly. Animal Flow is appealing because you can do endless variations. It is enjoyable to practice these movements in a creative way and to challenge yourself while doing it. It’s a new way of moving that is not well known yet. Most people will be stunned how difficult it actually is to do certain movements that we all once have done and mastered while we were children.”
Could you name some Animal Flow exercises?
Some of the foundation exercises at Het Gymlokaal are the Frog hop, Crab walk, Leopard crawl and the Bear crawl. Some other exercises are the Duck walk, Bunny hops, Horse walk, Sneaking ape and the Tiger. And for the experienced movers among us the Chameleon and the Lizard crawl.
How did you benefit from Animal Flow?
“Animal Flow made me physically stronger and more flexible. I have definitely learned how to control my motions while training.”
What do you like in training?
“I enjoy giving trainings when participants are satisfied and motivated to continue working on a better and healthier life style.”
How did you end up at Het Gymlokaal?
“I saw a message on social media that was posted by Nelleke, one of the founders of Het Gymlokaal and I immediately responded.”
How do you find training at Het Gymlokaal?
“I love teaching at Het Gymlokaal, the location is unique in the way that they used an old school building and gym. They also distinguish themselves by emphasising the importance of body movement. They offer diverse group classes that cannot be found at any other gyms, such as mobility and parkour.”
Getting curious? Sign up for one of the classes with Chris or our other trainers and experience Animal Flow yourself.
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