Meet Our Team of Elite Athletes with Diverse Sporting Backgrounds.

At Het Gymlokaal, you have the opportunity to train with a team of talented and experienced trainers who excel in various sports disciplines. Our team consists of elite athletes with diverse sporting backgrounds, providing a broad expertise and knowledge base to our members.

Whether you’re interested in (kick)boxing, yoga, crosstraining, weightlifting, barre, pilates, gymnastics, mobility, or (outdoor) HIIT, our trainers have the experience and insight to guide you professionally. We are committed to delivering personal guidance, with a focus on enjoying sports and injury prevention in our classes.

At Het Gymlokaal, you not only have the chance to train under the guidance of elite athletes but also to learn from their diverse sporting backgrounds. Our trainers are eager to share their expertise and passion for sports, enabling you to maximize your training potential.

Discover the unique opportunity to train with our team of elite athletes and experience the benefits of professional guidance and a diverse range of sports disciplines. Visit Het Gymlokaal and experience the power of our team!

  • Adeline
    Adeline Adelina

    "My classes focus on training the strength, flexibility, and coordination of the entire body.''

  • Alessandra
    Alessandra Alessandra

    "I aim for people to leave class feeling balanced and hopefully, more at ease and peace in their minds and bodies."

  • Berki
    Berki Berki

    "In my classes, people can expect well-structured workouts that cater to all fitness levels."

  • Breffni
    Breffni Breffni

    "My aim is to teach students to move their body with both power and grace. Barre is the perfect way to learn this."

  • Dimitra
    Dimitra Dimitra

    "I like to help my students come into the present moment."

  • Jason
    Jason Jason

    "Rome was not built in one day, neither will be your physique and performance. Trust the process, get to know yourself step by step and enjoy the ride!"

  • Lainel
    Lainel Lainel

    "My goal is to get the most out of a person and when I see that happen, it gives me energy as well!"

  • Marcelina
    Marcelina Marcelina

    "I aim for people to leave class feeling balanced and hopefully, more at ease and peace in their minds and bodies."

  • Michael

    "People can expect a trainer with passion, my classes are all about having a good time, but still working towards a goal."

  • Mitchell van de Laar

    "My specialty is movement analysis and looking specifically at people's goals and what they can improve."

  • Nadine
    Nadine Nadine

    "Yoga (and life) is not about becoming someone else/better, it’s about letting go of everything that doesn’t serve you anymore so you can live as your most authentic self.''

  • Noach
    Noach Noach

    "My mission is to make you sweat, but also give you the experience of learning something."

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Alessandra

    "I prioritize teaching members proper technique and pushing them to their maximum potential, both mentally and physically.''

  • Renee
    Alessandra Alessandra

    "I provide powerful and creative flows, in which I challenge my students to step out of their comfort zone and look for boundaries, but they should not go beyond those boundaries."

  • Sam

    "Teaching should always be done in a responsible, adaptive and enthusiastic way."

  • Sebastiaan
    Sebastiaan Sebastiaan

    "During my lesson you are challenged to get the most out of yourself while always respecting your own personal limits. I believe in customization, and you will experience that even if you train in a group."

  • Tina
    Tina Rumenovic Tina Rumenovic

    "I can teach people how to develop discipline and create strength, but also how to soften up if that is what I think you need in order to grow."

  • Xaverio
    Xaverio kickboxing Xaverio high kick

    "I focus on technique in combination with strength exercises - drills pay the bills!"

  • Yoram
    Yoram Bemer Yoram Bemer

    "Everyone learns in a different way, it is rewarding to look for different ways to explain techniques when it is not yet assimilated."