25th November, by Alessandra Large 


- a 2-hour workshop where you will learn many ways to improve and build upon strength, mobility, flexibility and balance needed for arm balancing poses. 

- Personal guidance to work out what it is you need to work on most/Individual trouble-shooting, assessment & feedback.

- The workshop is suitable for all-levels! No need to worry if you’re a complete beginner.

In this workshop, you will learn many fun and effective ways to work on developing and building upper body awareness, strength, and the skills to move you forwards in your journey towards enjoying forearm balance.

We will break down the components of this pose as well as working on the progressions of this arm balance. Specifically, we will work on developing strength within the range of motion of our shoulders as well as flexibility work, balance work and shoulder-core integration. We will also work on some fun and helpful neuro-drills to help us on our way to mastering this shape!

It is not necessary for you to have experience, only the eagerness to learn, play and discover.

Unlocking this shape invariably takes time and dedication, so please be welcome to begin or continue your journey with us in this workshop! 

25th November 18:00-20:00, West location

€35, €25 for Het Gymlokaal-members

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