What do you like most about teaching at Het Gymlokaal

I like the gym’s vibe and community feeling. It’s young and vibrant, very open and welcoming atmosphere.

What is your education in the field that you are teaching?  

I am a yoga practitioner since 2007, and I teach Ashtanga yoga for more than five years. I did my first Yoga Teacher Training in 2014, afterwards I continued with in-depth studies in 2015 and 2016, and since then I keep following courses every year in anatomy and alignment. But mostly my learning comes from my own daily practice that I do under the guidance of my teachers David Robson and Jelena Vesic.

What is unique about your classes/ style of teaching? 

My style of teaching is giving lots of individual attention before the class starts, and I always like to hear the background and the history of each of my students. I like to hear about their habits, lifestyle, and any limitations or physical challenges so I can give advice on how to approach the practice. Because Ashtanga is an intense practice and requires discipline and understanding in order to sustain a steady and healthy yoga journey.

What is your specialty within the world of human movement? 

I don’t really have a specialty. I am really just fascinated with the human anatomy and how the human body is designed to achieve incredible things. I love learning and am sometimes mind blown experiencing the connection between the physical, emotional and mental body and how it’s all entangled into how we experience life. 

What qualities should every good trainer have?

I think every trainer should be able to feel the group in front of them and guide it as one entity but be observant and mindful of each individual within that group. The trainer should have skills to encourage the students to explore their limits but not be pushy. Has sense of humor, but also is compassionate and emphatic. And always humble and open to learn more. There is always more, we as teachers and trainer can and should learn to be able to grow and then pass that knowledge on.

What can people expect from you as a trainer and your classes?

People can expect to work hard when in my classes, but with understanding on how and why. I will give you lots of technique, stages to progress through and alignment tips. I will always challenge you but will also respect if you decide today is the day to take it easy. I will always take individual time to listen to you before or after the class if you need any support.

What can you offer/ teach people?

I can teach people how to develop discipline and create strength (both physical and mental), but also how to soften up if that is what I think you need in order to grow.


Tina Rumenovic Tina Rumenovic