Gymnastics Handstands

Work towards the perfect handstand. For both beginners and experts, there is always more to learn and to perfect when it comes to handstands. The first thirty minutes are spent on the basic postures of the shoulders and core group muscles  while the other half on the actual training of the handstand itself. Never done a handstand before? Don’t worry, our trainers will carefully guide you through the basics and you’ll be on your hands before you know it!

Gymnastics Fundamentals

Do you want to learn gymnastics on the floor, on the rings or at the bar? In this class we work on the basic strength and skills needed for gymnastics. You will focus mainly on the technique and the proper execution of various exercises. Body weight is mainly used to build on strength, mobility and new skills. Ring Muscle Ups, L-Sits, Front & Back Levers, Planks, Straight Arm Strength and General Gymnastics are on the menu. Students from all levels and backgrounds may join this class.

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