Crosstraining and Weightlifting


Our Crosstraining classes are fun but killer workouts with different elements from weight training, gymnastics (skills) training and athletic training. The training is very functional and you will work with: barbells, plates, kettlebells, dumbells, pull up bars and wall balls. Techniques for rope climbing, pull-ups, muscle-ups and barbell exercises will be taught and practiced in our classes. Good execution of the exercises and injury preventive training is extremely important in our  classes. 

Crosstraining Basics

Thinking about joining a crosstraining class, but never had the courage to take that first step? Sign up for Crosstraining Basics!
In this class, we will teach you the basics of crosstraining in a slower pace. This class is informative and challenging for each individual with little to no experience with crosstraining.

Crosstraining - Bodyweight Strength

Bodyweight strength is a functional strength class that focuses on increasing strength and metabolic output WITHOUT the use of external weight. In this class you will learn the correct technical ways to progress your bodyweight training exercises whilst putting in some hard cardiovascular work. Bodyweight training is a great way of building a strong and capable body. In this class we share with you the correct techniques to go about your bodyweight training. We will be working on big crosstraining and calisthenics skills such as: pull up variations, pistol squats, gymnastics core exercises and push up variations.


We also offer Weightlifting classes. In these classes we only focus on weightlifting exercises, like Snatch  and Clean and Jerk. These classes are also for all levels and an amazing extra if you want to improve you technique. 

Checkout the schedule here for our crosstraining classes and see you soon at the gym! 

Crosstraining and Weightlifting
Crosstraining Crosstraining