Tamara is the assistent manager at Het Gymlokaal West.

What do you like most about working at Het Gymlokaal?

Before I started working at Het Gymlokaal, I was already a member for four years and I really enjoyed working out there. I absolutely love the nice vibe it has. You truly build a connection with the staff and the members, that makes working at Het Gymlokaal a lot of fun. Also, the location is amazing and I love the concept.

What is your favorite class?

I’ve been kickboxing for over ten years, so kickboxing is definitely my number one! I’ve always been driven to become better and faster. Fighting in an official kickboxing fight is still on my bucket list!

What is your passion

Next to sports cooking makes me very happy. I love combining flavors and trying new things. Also, I hate food waste, so making amazing dishes with leftovers is something I can get passionate about! The Asian cuisine has a special place in my heart and cooking my special ramen for friends is something I love to do. They even call me the Ramen Queen.