What do you like most about teaching at Het Gymlokaal

I like how innovative and open to new things Het Gymlokaal is. It gives me the freedom to creatively construct my classes and show people new ways of moving. This is I think possible due to the special atmosphere of Het Gymlokaal that attracts the right crowd of movers who don’t take themselves too seriously and are willing to experiment and explore.

What is your education in the field that you are teaching? 

My movement journey started with dance for the last 15 years (learning, teaching and performing professionally). I gradually become obsessed with movement in general; irrespective of a specific style and I completed a BEAST FLOW certification at BoogieBeast Fit in Dublin followed by a yoga certificate from Yoga Vana, India.  

What is unique about your classes/ style of teaching? 

Combination of physical aspects such as strength, flexibility, mobility with the mental ones such as creativity, improvisation and mindfulness.- Engaging the entire body while having fun - I teach people how to use their own body more effectively through playful exercises.- My classes are 100% focused on creating a safe environment to explore the boundaries of one’s own body and mind. I strongly encourage my students to move freely with no judgment in order to awaken that inner child in them.

What is your specialty within the world of human movement? 

Combining all the knowledge from dance, yoga and floorwork. As a dancer, it has always been important for me to know how to freestyle/improvise and connect with music and I’ve been practicing this on a “creativity through constrain” basis - making up playful games and giving myself limitations that will inspire new possibilities of moving. I took this construct into the world of movement where I also incorporate mobility, flexibility and strength training.

What qualities should every good trainer have?

I think a good trainer needs to master the art of teaching (not only the movement itself), breaking things down to the tiniest detail and empathizing with his/her students to always motivate and encourage them. It’s important to feel how far students can be pushed and sensing where the comfort zone is so that they can step out of it but not too far.

What can people expect from you as a trainer and your classes?

In my movement classes I show people the connection between body, mind and soul. It is designed to help people with self-expression through a series of movement exercises and also to release unnecessary tension from different body parts. Classes are very playful with focus on both the physical aspect such as strength, flexibility and mobility as well as the mental aspect such as creativity, self-expression and improvisation.

I start the class with warm-up mobility exercises, then adding a little bit of flow between the different moves and increasing the intensity. Floorwork is always an important aspect of my class; I introduce different ways to approach it and let people explore and combine them creatively. Partner work and movement games are another important part, in which we engage both; body and mind and add a little competitiveness to it (while making new friends). I finish the class with a proper stretching - mainly inspired by my yoga background.

As a trainer I always aim to provide individual support and guidance.

What can you offer/ teach people?

I help people explore and improve their own movement qualities and overcome personal and societal boundaries to be their true self and forget about the daily struggles; all while becoming stronger and more flexible. And yes, you will learn some cool floor moves and footwork too ;) 


Ivana Zakova Ivana Zakova