What do you like most about teaching at Het Gymlokaal?

The mix group of individuals who keep coming back to my classes!

What is your background?

BSc Human Movement Sciences, MSc Human Movement Sciences, EXOS - Performance Specialist and MILO - Advanced Personal Trainer.

What is unique about your lessons / way of teaching?

I emphasize on the importance of doing the movements correctly by having the proper technique and I m there to help if any adjustments are needed. Time is made at the end of the lesson  to give the members ‘homework’ to prevent / fix injuries.

What is your specialty in the field of movement?

Creating sport-specific performance training from a biomechanical and anatomical perspective. In other words, I come up with performance enhancing workouts for specific sports, taking into account the joints, muscles, and physique of the athletes.

What quality should every good trainer possess?

Be a motivator; by promoting interest and enthusiasm.

What can people expect from you as a trainer and from your lessons?

Individual attention, sometimes a bit strict on the implementation, but I will always try to challenge you within your abilities.

What can you offer / teach people?

Joggle ;)