Mobility/ Movement

During the Mobility / Movement classes you will train on your strength, flexibility, coordination and responsiveness in dynamic situations. You will develop a high degree of body control and learn to use your body as freely as possible in playful and complex movement situations. In addition, we also aim to increase your mobility (freedom of movement) and train joints and muscles so that you can use them safely while being in control.

The lesson is divided into a technical part in which movement patterns are taught in several blocks. Once you have understood the movements and are able to execute them, you will move onto dynamic situations. By dynamic situations we mean handstands, bridges, Animal Flow, Zen Archer, rope climbing, cartwheels and more. The practice and repetition of those movements will contribute to a stronger, fitter and healthier body.

So if you want more control over your body, learn new tricks, improve your freedom of movement or just want to have fun moving, this class is for you.

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Mobility/ Movement
Mobility/ Movement Mobility/ Movement