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Het Gymlokaal offers daily yoga courses. A healthy mind is needed for a healthy body as the body and the mind are inseparable.

Yoga has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and other vital organs of the body. It increases the flexibility of the body and helps to reduce stress. The intimate atmosphere of Het Gymlokaal provides an ideal environment to escape the everyday hustle and bustle.

Het Gymlokaal offers three different types of yoga:

Hatha yoga
Hatha is a relaxing form of yoga which mainly consists of static postures. This form of yoga is suitable for everyone. Using various exercises, postures and breathing exercises you learn to physically and mentally relax while simultaneously training your body.

Vinyasa flow yoga
Vinyasa is a powerful and dynamic form of yoga for a strong body and a clear mind. This form of yoga consists of a repeating sequence of postures and movements in which a focus lies on synchronizing breath.

Power yoga
Power yoga is a dynamic and powerful form of yoga where you flow form one position tot he other. With power yoga there’s also the focus on core strenght and you build op more strength compared to other yoga styles.

Yin yoga
Yin focuses on the relaxing of your muscles as opposed to strengthening them. As a result, the connective tissue which is located in the deeper layer of the body is reached. Yin yoga poses are held between three and five minutes, whereby you are able to take enough time to explore and shift your mental and phyiscal borders.

Ashtanga is a very challenging and dynamic yoga style. In ashtanga you transition from one asana (pose) to another and then hold it for 5 breaths. In ashtanga you'll practice the same sequence, so you can completely focus on your own practise and breath. 

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