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Gymnastics Handstands
Work on the perfect handstand. From complete beginner to advanced, there is always more to improve and learn in handstand practice. 30 minutes will be spend on the basic positions (shoulders and core) and the other 30 minutes will be training the actual handstand. New to handstands? No worries our trainer will help you build a good set up and one day you will be standing on your hands!

Gymnastics Fundamentals
Open for any level from beginner to advanced. Learn new physical skills on the floor, rings or bars.
In this class we work on the elemental strength and skills that are needed for basic Gymnastics.
With the prime focus on technique and form, this class takes a more in-dept approach.
Primarily trough bodyweight exercise we train solid strength, mobility & skill.
Skills we focus on in this class: Ring Muscle Ups, L-Sits, Front & Back Levers, Planches, Straight Arm Strength and general Gymnastics.
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