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Tina Rumenovic
Tina Rumenovic
Tina Rumenovic

Tina Rumenovic

29.03.2017 | Trainers | ''What fills my heart the most is connecting to my students''
Tina Rumenovic was born in Zagreb Croatia. She’s been practicing yoga for nine years and she started teaching yoga four years ago. In the beginning, she was teaching yoga next to her job. But her love for yoga was so big that one and a half year ago she decided to follow her heart and become a fulltime yogi. Tina teaches hatha and power yoga at Het Gymlokaal.

What was your first yoga experience?
My very first yoga experience was in the gym at a class called yogilates, almost ten years ago. I liked the teacher and atmosphere so I kept coming back. But then one day, I tried a yoga class with another teacher. I suddenly felt, wow this is something else. It had this amazing calming effect on my mind that came after an hour of really hard work. I was hooked. I kept practicing since then.
What motivated you to keep practicing yoga?
The feeling of serenity and clearness in my mind that for some reason prolonged for hours after the class. Of course, I liked the hard physical work as well.  I was really into physical activities (practicing snowboarding and capoeira), but the difference with other activities was this lasting calming effect on my mind.
What is the definition of yoga for you?
I think defining yoga with words is very difficult, but if I have to, I'd say yoga for me is a mirror. It's a  'place' where I feel safe and dare to go finding my way to my authentic self. To keep discovering every day again when I step on that mat, what drives me, what makes me feel and react and how I react to myself and others, to obstacles and going beyond those obstacles. To keep moving and searching for myself day after day.
What benefits do you get from practicing yoga?
I get many benefits, but to name a few, I'd say first calmness of the mind. Especially in some daily crazy situations we must cope with. Calmness, in a way being able to react with compassion, understanding and love, rather than anger and fear.
A second benefit is a stronger and healthier body which carries me day in and out. And I have to say, my emotional heart is getting even more emotional. I feel more! I feel more connected to the world around me.
When did you start teaching yoga?
I was teaching just a few classes back in 2009. More seriously and with more understanding since 2014; fulltime since a year and a half ago.
What do you love most about teaching yoga?
What fills my heart the most is connecting to my students. Inspiring people to connect to themselves by practicing. In all the places I teach I have a few students that start to feel a transformative power of practicing yoga after they committed themselves to practice regularly. And being able to support them in their way of discovering their bodies, letting themselves feel, allowing themselves to be vulnerable, in the process when their bodies, postures and attitudes change. This is the most powerful reward I can imagine. When I see my students getting more curious about the practice and ask what they can practice at home, it makes my heart grow a size.
What do you like about teaching at Het Gymlokaal?
I LOVE IT! The energy of this place is very open and welcoming. I think that people who are coming here feel and experience this as well. People are motivated to come back to a place like this. But also, the opportunity to combine yoga with some other activities Het Gymlokaal offers is great.
Is there a difference between teaching at Het Gymlokaal and other places?
Yes, there is a difference. Every place has its own special vibe and characteristics.
At Het Gymlokaal, I try to create the benefit of having a big group in a class combined with uplifting practice. We are all connected, in a class with up to 30 participants you can create a huge energy that is binding and supportive.
How do you feel about combining yoga with other sports?
I'd say go ahead! It's great! Make sure you do it in a safe way for your body that will improve your practice and not exhausts you in the long run.
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