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Het Gymlokaal

Dear members,
We hope you are all healthy and safe and stay at home as much as possible.
ALL MEMBERSHIPS are paused, for now until April 15th. The only reason why we didn’t pause the memberships until June 1st is because we can’t reverse the pausing of memberships. So, in case the government finds it save to reopen gyms before June 1st, it’s not possible to activate all memberships again. We promise you that for the whole period of time, it’s unsafe to open Het Gymlokaal your memberships will be paused. And therefore, we kindly ask not to end your membership with us in these times of crises. We hope for your support and understanding. We will do our best to keep you inspired and fit through our social media channels with workout video’s and live classes.
Stay safe!
Het Gymlokaal team

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